Drastic Combat NFT is an application emulator specifically designed for Android devices. It is developed under the banner of Exophase. It is designed for Nintendo on Android and now you can easily play Nintendo games on your smartphone. It has a load of new features and changes that you will find in any other Emulator.

You can improve the graphics of a game more than he did; This function is very useful for fast smartphones. You can use this application in landscape or portrait mode if you want it to be. You can easily record your games everywhere you want with the status Save you. 

Also, you can tweak your Nintendo games with thousands of cheats. There is an option for you can save your games with Google Drive so you do not have to save them on your card. Another feature to note is that you can move quickly to increase the emulation of this app. Overall, this app is very useful if you want to play Nintendo games on your Smartphone.

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