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Many Bricks Breaker is a Brick Breaker game.
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July 23, 2020
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Bricks Breaker is a stunning free game with 80 gleaming levels. Keep the blocks underneath you at an even height and stay away from the spike!

One of the most classic game where you have to eliminate all blocks and do not let any ball fall out of board.

You need to break many bricks.

A simple classic/retro game with many bricks.
It’s good for time passing and refreshing.

108 levels

Two brick layout.
– normal
– easy

Two difficulty.
– normal
– very easy(more items)

Repeatedly hit space bar to pull a rope. Collect full sets of blue bricks and avoid red bricks, chutes, and mysterious stuff to stay alive in this world!

Can you keep up?

You may think you’re great and don’t need this game, but I’m here to say

Tired of your flappy birds? Bored with your Tetris? Ready for some fun!⁣

Your beating those high scores and getting your rewards, but can you outsmart Bricks Breaker for the ultimate victory.⁣⁣

Don’t just smash the bricks – let’s break them! With loads of possible game levels to unlock, you’ll never run out of fun with #BrickBreaker

What’s new in bricks breaker? New spin on that ever-favorite feeling – anger.

 Introducing the easy-to-play yet challenging #BrickBreaker where you’ll collect more bricks until your heart’s content.⁣

—Brick Breaker game to tap and use every technique, that these tiles provide

You can start from the bottom, with a simple swipe up, or use more momentum put into the swipe direction. For spins and powers, watch out for power-ups, they might come in handy. Are you mastered?

⁣”Another brick down. Millions more to go.”

With dogged determination and unbreakable #inspiration, it’s no wonder why you’re the best at what you do. Let’s rise together and break ’em down one by one!⁣⁣

Play Bricks Breaker and break off some building blocks with your bare hands!

▪️Destroy blocks one by one

▪️Use as many hammers as you can!

▪️Achieve levels in score

▪️Can be played offline anytime

Bricks Breaker is a new and exciting puzzle game for you to enjoy for hours at a time. This game features addicting gameplay, lively music, and great animations that will leave you impressed the entire time .

Download best Bricks Breaker for free, a premium version and other games are available on the Apk Store

Get the tile where you need it and do not let your player die. With a satisfying brick break sound effect, all is right with the world in this classic tetris like game.

Do you love puzzle games? Bricks Breaker is similar to a Rubik’s Cube, it’s a 3D puzzle game. It’s an arcade classic breakout game in ball-pyramid form. Destroy orange blocks and win bonus points .

A digitized, real-time Damprite done with Unity Engine.

Keep the ball bouncing into the bricks to get points and go as high up as possible in the leaderboard .

Brick Breaker, a retro-style 3D game. Simple, fun and addicting!—Just tap to clear the bricks from the screen and keep bouncing so you can smash them into your high score! The more bricks you hit down, the higher up in the leaderboard

A classic and the best free game ever. Given blocks of the same color, you need to remove them. Bash those blocks with your paddle and go see some great colors in this adrenaline-pumping game!

You know that feeling when you just want to smash everything in sight and get back to work? Bricks Breaker is the antidote, with a different level every time. Play for as long as you need and return to reality refreshed.

Find out how quickly you can extract gold by breaking fragile bricks with balls in this fun arcade mode

Create stacks, columns and rows with matching shapes and colors. Tether block to each other if the right shape exists on opposite sides. Clear clusters of block for maximum scores. Place new ones strategically to create large groups of shapes at once and topple them.

Step 1: You’ve got a brick.

Step 2: Your goal is to put them away.

Step 3: One by one, they start multiplying before your eyes and as they fall, the whole room starts swaying according to the laws of physics.

Step 4: You better have a good plan and start breaking walls right away because once the boulders pile up too high.

 BUILD STRATEGIES- Make sure to use fast fingers and your head in order to get past tricky blocks… but be careful! The construction site might have a surprise for you.- Then, build your own creation in the editor. Discover all the different ways to make each level unique with every new block placement!

Play this game while watching the debates, to have something to keep your mind off #politics. It’s never been more important than now to watch our words and what we say.

Play Bricks Breaker wherever you go during this time – break those bricks so they don’t

How does your phone control affect your gaming performance?

Introducing Bricks Breaker – the new game to beat all games! Play through 180 unique and challenging levels, compete with your friends on the game leaderboard, and unlock flashy hats along the way!

Play the classic brick breaker with blocks or multi-balls!

“The point of a game is to play” BEST APP FOR FOOTBALL

We’ve been playing for hours already, and we can’t stop.

⁣⁣You should be proud of your achievements, break some more bricks and unlock more games! ⁣

After taking on a thousand Bricks, you start to realize that the important thing is to have a good time. #game

★Breakout games that have never been done before are most of the time the most interesting games because they make you be more tactical. #game

It was long ago when our ancestors spent their free time by playing these vintage games. And modern gamers in the early 2000s can relate well with it

♣♣It’s the perfect opportunity for kids who want to shoot lots of laser and cannot do so in real life. And the satisfying sound is a great perk too!♣♣

There are three difficulty modes (brief, standard, and hardcore)

Do you want to be the next champion of the world?

Ain’t nothin broken in the game of life, just continue to break bricks until you break through the darkness.

So, is your go-to game solitaire or Bookworm, or Minesweeper? Well, try something different. We’ve put together a list of 4 games that harness the skills you love using at work to help you de-stress on your day off.

Since we all need a little break sometimes, come play our free #mobile game Bricks Breaker to have some fun and kill time in between today’s hectic tasks.

All Your Bricks are Belong To Us

Believe it or not, #BricksBreaker takes place in a dystopian world. ☣⁣ With the high degree of difficulty, you must carefully plan your attacks and use the effects of the green block wisely.

✓Here’s how we do:

⚰️We hit ‘em really really really really hard. Get into 25 levels

What's new

Redesigned some levels