5 ways to scan QR codes using an Android 2022

There are to many ways to scan QR codes, are all around us these days, you can find them in many offline products like flyers, posters and billboards to give you quick access to them online without having to copy long URLs.

QR codes are also very handy for sharing contact information and Wi-Fi passwords, and if you’re using an Android phone you can use the features built into the operating system, so you don’t have to download another app.

Here are 5 ways to scan QR codes using an Android phone:

1- Google Lens app:
Most Android phones, especially recent versions, come with a built-in application called Google Lens that helps you identify objects, landmarks, texts and numbers that you see in the real world, but is also capable of processing QR codes.

You can point the phone’s camera after launching the app to read the code, if it’s a web link you’ll see a preview of the URL you can tap to visit, if it’s numbers or passwords you’ll need to tap the search button at the bottom of the viewfinder to find out what it is.

2- Using the camera app:
Some phones, such as Samsung phones, come with scanners to detect and process QR codes, where you can activate this in the settings of the Samsung phone camera, use the Bixby Vision tool, or use the shortcut built into the quick settings on some Samsung phones, which can be accessed by Scroll down in the Notification Center.

Google Pixel phones also have a feature built into the camera app, which you can access by tapping and holding anywhere on the screen and pointing the camera at the QR code to read and process it, and some Android One phones have this feature as well.

3- Using a web application:
Although there are a lot of apps in the Google Play Store that offer QR code scanning service, many of them come with additional features, ads, or tracking practices, so you may prefer to use an open source web app like the qrcodescan app, which you can use through the browser on your phone.

4- Use internet browsers:
While Google Chrome browser supports QR code scanning in iOS, it does not in Android, but you can use other browsers such as Firefox which has a QR code scanning shortcut button above the keyboard when you click on the address bar.

You can also use the Samsung Internet browser, which was previously installed in Samsung phones, and you can activate it by following these steps:
• Head to (Settings).
• Click on the Useful features option.
• Turn on the QR code Scanner option.

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